Francy Basic Manital Window Handle D.K.

Code: FR 15
€ 21,93 € 25,80 -15%
Studio Manital designer
Manital Basic collection
Classic style

Window handle D.K.

Francy has a minimal and sinuous design and it has been designed by Studio Manital.

Designer: Studio ManitalStudio Manital Maniglie Italiane
Founded in Vobarno in 1990 by Luigi Bigoloni, a young entrepreneur from Brescia, Manital immediately took a lead position in the handle-manufacturing sector thanks to a new philosophy that makes passion for design and love of even the smallest details a winning strategy.

Brand: Manital
The experience, the attention to detail, the passion of a family and the important corporate partnerships: Manital has a catalog of products that blends tradition and innovation to satisfy the most various tastes.
The collections offered by Manital allow the customer to have a wide range of different handles to choose.

francy basic dk window handle dimensional sheet manital

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Francy Basic Manital Window Handle D.K.

€ 21.93 € 25.80  - 15%


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